Munich Germany Train Station

Munich Germany’s Central Train Station’s Location is for the Adventurous & Simple Travelers

29_Munich Train Station

Imagine eating the most delicious ham and cheese or Camembert and cucumber sandwich between two scrumptious all grain wheat breads in a train station, as you observe the excitement of travelers rushing past you on their way to their destinations in Munich Germany. In the meantime, you have been captivated by all the energy and you still have not stepped outside the station to a world of pure adventure, history and culture that awaits you, in this great city, all the while in a train station. You are fascinated by its grandeur, diversity of shops, food, its function and the smell.



The best way to arrive in Munich is by train.  Although a bus shuttle from the airport will work just as efficiently, hopping onto the ‘S’ into the city is much swifter and faster, dropping you off in front of The Eden Wolff hotel.

Strategically located, from Hauptbahuhof Central Station, walk no further than across the street.  Really!  Across the street.  The Eden Wolff has the best breakfast that to this day has never been forgotten.

26_Eden Wolff Hotel Munich 28_

The infamous Hofbrauhaus– world’s most famous beer hall is literally a few blocks away, that any tourist can pleasantly walk to.

37_Brau Keller

Next, head out to Marienplatz Square (St Mary’s Square) and watch the Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall.

77_Munich city

And for dinner, you must go to the Ratskeller Munchen Marienplatz or to the courtyard at the Prunkhof cafe and restaurant where you can dine under the stars while surrounded by the most magnificent architecture. Enjoy the charming architecture of the area and begin walking back to the Eden Wolff Hotel.  All this on your first day in Munich.

Next day walk across the street to Hauptbahuhof Central Station, catch the early morning train to Salzburg Austria, the epic center piece of the Sound of Music, a 1hr 49 min train ride, and journey through the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps, a true vacationer’s destination haven.  Munich, with its historical urban city architecture, only minutes away from nature and mountains, who can resist taking a ride to Ludwig’s castles, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein.

53-Munich Linderhof Castle DSC00242

europe 117

With Oktoberfest at Hofbrauhaus or simply sitting at Marienplatz square observing people or watching the Glockenspiel you will find out what is present just outside the doors of the train station, within a short walking distance. A city with so much to experience they will want to continue going back to the same location.

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