Adriana B. Guerra is an architectural designer.
She has been practicing architecture for over 25 years and enjoys the challenges brought on by every unique project. Her favorite phase within the profession is the design phase and the time spent with her client. This time with them allows her to manifest her creative side as well as affords her the opportunity to get to know them and know what they wish their finish product to be. Observing the smile on their faces, as the process of the design begins to take form and then the development of the construction drawings, choosing materials and products, becomes reality and finally to see what they wished for to come to fruition. This gives her great satisfaction not only for the owner but for her as she sees how it comes to life! It is fullfilling when you see something go from paper to bricks and stones.

Ms. Guerra studied at Miami Dade Community College where she received her Associate of Arts in Architecture Degree and later attended Florida A & M University where she completed her Bachelors of Architecture. Architecture and her love for travel just went so well together and she was afforded the opportunity to travel abroad with her architectural class to some of the most spectacular places, to visit many architectural gems, in which any architect would greatly enjoy. As her architectural journey continued she could not help but feel, in her heart, that there was so much more in architecture than what was taught to her. In her search she stumbled across Sacred Architecture and found another area in architecture that brought her so much joy and truthful meaning that is so much greater than we may see.

She immersed herself in many other areas of architecture and began to study the art of Feng Shui and thereby, found other paths in Metaphysics and Astrology and how all of these interesting subjects and symbology play an important role in our environment which had a place in Architecture. She has joined many organizations such as the American Institute of Architects and is a past member of the Miami Preservation League and the Art Deco Society. A once member of the ‘Creative Womens Institute’ allowed her to write an article on “Women in Architecture” and then found herself writing an article for the “Homeless Voice” as well as a published article in the Kendall Gazette, on Grafitti.

Ms. Guerra wants to share with you the important role architecture has on our society and in our lives and how it forms our culture. She wants you to look deep beyond the buildings and you will see a history and deeper symbolic meaning, left behind for all of us to search for.

Please join her as she takes you through a journey within.


March 11, 2018

As I contemplate my existence and why I am here I question why I write about other avenues in my life which have nothing to do about architecture but of my life experiences and where this path has been taking me.  Although I set out to write about architecture, sacred travels and spiritual places I have traveled through in my architectural journey and those travel opportunities that were not all about architecture but really about my personal journey and growth, I find myself ever so often writing about love, peace and the human spiritual self.  I recognize that although my blog has taken its own path through a different road, that road really is not so different about who I have always been but must be told to understand who I truly am down deep inside.  I have an eclectic and adventurous soul.  I love many things and so that is why every now and then I express myself in many ways that are not architectural but, in reality it is important not just for me but for my readers to know me.  I enjoy expressing my spiritual journeys through my own architectural work and not always do I have the opportunity to create what I would love with my clients but part of that creation comes from seeing through my clients eyes and heart what they want and doing my best to make it a reality.  Sometimes its not even being able to create but watching the happiness in their faces as they receive what they manifest through me.  It is so gratifying!  So, I guess, although I may not be designing the Taj Majal but maybe at times just resolving a building department problem for them, knowing they are thankful is enough in knowing that I fulfilled my quest each moment I can and so sometimes it all becomes poetry in architecture.  Being able to express myself in which ever way I can allows me to be a better person and better at helping my clients.  So, yes, my posts are at times about love, peace, nature and about my travels, which are all spiritual to me, and in my journey how architecture is all a part of this, for it is our temple to our soul, our shelter for survival and many stories can be written from many ancient walls and the energy they portray.

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