Architecture and Nature

Architecture teaches us to observe. To the architect a camera is a great tool. It allows you to see what the naked eye may observe but the camera details. To look for what nature provides so that ideas and design are created in producing a great building. Part of the architectural process is to see these things, for all around us creativity is abundant. From the inside of a red pepper a cozy seating area, the interior of a cave or even the shape of a floor plan may be evident. From an exotic flower with holes, patterns for exterior cladding or simply a funnel may be created for light to pass through thereby, forming an interesting light pattern on a wall. Wild mushrooms may shape what is to be of a modern roof top and the formation of several mushroom patches along a green field can be the embodiment for what is to be a community of buildings with rounded roof structures and how they may be laid out. Architecture is an art and to have an intent behind what you design is good practice for a successful project to manifest. There is no limit to the generosity that nature bestows upon us. This is why I can never get bored creating for that is the beauty architecture gives me and how the architect produces our environment. The Golden Ratio allows for the composition to be aesthetically pleasing. By placing elements you see you can divide the subject in perfect proportions by using the Golden mean, the Golden spiral and the Golden Triangle. Something present in all we see in nature.

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