Ah… Capri, Italy

Leaving Naple, Italy behind as we travel to Capri

Leaving Naples, Italy behind as we travel to Capri

In Southern Italy, just south of Naples, is a spectacular island, which is a must to visit for a few days, if you are looking for that island feeling surrounded by crisp blue Mediterranean water and sea breezes yet, with a particular cache where VIP get away to, not only for its natural beauty  but its cafes and shops, this is the place.  Taking the high speed ferry from Naples will take approx. 45 min. and the ride is well worth it!  Upon arrival at the island you can’t help but be in total awe of its natural beauty.  A very picturesque marina!

58  62-Capri Port

 55-Bella Capri  DSC01864

 63-Capri  64-Capri


At the marina you will find the tours to the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), a must see for everyone however, if the tide is high you will not be able to go that day as unfortunately, was our case.  Oh well!  I guess it just means another trip to Capri in the near future will have to be planned, “oh darn, now that’s a tough decision”.  Immediately, you notice people at cafes and restaurants eating fresh seafood and drinking a glass of wine.  Just to the right is a small beach and everyone is there dozing off  on the sand enjoying that blue sky and sunny day.

DSC01864  67  78-Going up Mt at Capri in Fernicoli

Ana Capri

Ana Capri

    To get around the island you can always rent a moped but, you must know where and how to get around.  Nevertheless, this is always a great way to get around the island.  Unless you are like us, we decided to take the funicolare, mountain tram connecting the harbour with the town, up to Capri Town, where there are shops, restaurants, pensiones and hotels.   On your ride up you see Ana Capri to the right.  Just spectacular!  Now, I highly recommend you walk for you will come across some beautiful paths that otherwise you will not see if you are in a car or taxi.

  97  93-Capri

 84-Capri  94-Capri quaint  restaurant

As you explore the island walking you can’t help but find yourself within the most fantastic photographic shots everywhere you look.  There isn’t a view not worth photographing.

106  142  148

Beyond the ironwork

Beyond the ironwork

Beyond the ironwork and all the artistic grill work you will find flowers, oranges, rooftops  and the Mediterranean Sea.  There are plenty of signs along your path guiding you to hotels, museums and natural wonders along the way.  One such natural work of art is the Natural arch.  This is the path we took for there are many sites to see but this one caught our attention.  As we continued our journey through these man made walkways and the sides of villas, all we could hear was birds chirping and the sound of the breeze as it trickled through the branches of the trees.


  162  117  Artistic grillwork

You just never know what you may find along this path!

You just never know what you may find along this path!

Finally, you come upon a small quaint restaurant nestled atop this mountain, you have been walking up along, to find that it is constructed inside the mountain like a grotto.

 166  171  169  DSC01846

Of course, it was a must to sit down and have the popular lemon pie and a glass of cold beer while you sit there overlooking the most gorgeous water you have ever laid your eyes on.  You could sit for hours but you know you must soon be getting back to the center of town and get down the mountain in time to get the ferry back to Naples.  So one more deep breath to soak it all in so that this moment lasts us a lifetime.   Well, there is the last thing we came here to see which is just a further bit down the mountain before our tread back.

       DSC01844  DSC01855  DSC01856


The Natural Arch!  So Worth the Walk!!!

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