Tree of Life

Your massive and strong arms protect me from the elements and from any outside force which dares to enter, yet you are sensitive and loving to all which approach you.  You protect me by giving me peace and allow me to breathe- allow me to live.  Oh how important you are to all of us.  When I hug you I feel a sense of serenity which no one can offer.  Your energy fills my heart with compassion.  Your very high colors resonate all around me and allow me to see your true colors.  Without you I can not live for we would all die without your eminent oxygen.  I need you.  When I feel down you pick me up.  You can blossom with such beautiful flowers when you want to show me your love.  It is your gift to me which I cherish everyday.  How grateful I am that God placed you on this infinite planet.  You’re an abundance of beauty.  When this life we lead takes over our senses and we forget to slow down your love fills me and helps me understand what truly is around us and what is an illusion.  As you whisper in the wind, I listen. You are the Tree of Life and I love you. 

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