Endless Lifetimes

As time passes, I feel I have loved you in endless lifetimes.


As I watch my heart flow with the clear water stream, I can’t help but wonder where our heart has wandered.   As it glides through new adventures, where is it going to now?

20160731_174751 20160731_174814 20160731_175007




The passage is clear, surrounded by all of God’s fruits as it meanders through the green brushes sweeping over the water, going with the flow.  Allowing itself just to be in the NOW.  Whatever happens it will keep pumping towards full happiness and LOVE.  We have been through many lifetimes together, which has brought us to this reality.  God only knows how many thousands of lifetimes it took to reach this moment in our lives.

20160731_175050 20160731_175052

So the heart continues to flow with all its ups and downs through this illusion we call life.


Where we are headed now, God only knows.  I can only say that the ride has been  fulfilling and await the endless Love this era has in store for us.


As the heart finds its Truth.

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